Kids School Holiday Fishing Comp

Its on again! YKSFC Kids fishing Comp December / January School holidays. From 12th December until 26th January 2021 5pm Presentation is 10am Sunday, the 31st January 2021 Please make sure all kids competing have registered before the start date The land based category means you don’t need a boat and have the opportunity to take home some great prizes The junior category is growing every time so don’t think this is just for the big kids. Under 6yrs old have their own category and prize pool. For a copy of the rules and prize categories please download the PDF Once registered don’t forget to download your copy of the rules (as they are important if you want to win a prize) and you will need your official brag mat to make your fish count. Please allow up to 48 hours for your childs name to appear on the anglers page once registered.

Wahi Wahi

Calling all anglers!!!! Grab your friends and family and join in the Wahi Wahi Competition. With great prizes to be won and a fantastic event for anyone wishing to compete, We cant wait to see you all.

Download your brochure and rules below