The club had its origins in a tin shed in Varley St in the early 1970’s. The club initially obtained a lease of 1675 sq metres of the Recreations Reserve in Buckley Street, Yorkeys Knob, on the 1st day of July 1981. The club was incorporated in 1984 and obtained a Liquor Licence in 1985. In these early formative years the Clubs turnover was in the vicinity of $40,000 per annum with membership at approximately 100.

During the boom of the late 80’s the Club became concerned over the surveying and geotechnical work being carried out in it’s “back yard” in Half Moon Bay.

It was decided in 1987 to investigate whether the club could obtain approval and build its own Marina and new Club premises in the bay. The Club was introduced to Mr Don McGrath, the Director of Northern Marinas (QLD) Pty Ltd. On the 26th day of August 1987 a preliminary agreement was entered into between the Club and Northern Marinas (QLD) Pty Ltd.

In November 1987 an extensive Environmental Impact Study was completed by various Departments of James Cook University and submitted to all relevant Government Departments, Mulgrave Shire Council and the Cairns Port Authority. The Authorities initially did not take much notice of the Club but with persistence the approvals needed were granted over a four year period.

Approvals For Construction

On the 3rd day of August 1989, the bay was vested pursuant to the Harbours Act in the Cairns Port Authority.

In September of 1989, by order of Governor in Council, an approval pursuant to Section 86 of the Harbours Act was granted for construction purposes and prior to the club obtaining its lease or tenure over the sea bed.

Approval under Section 47 of the Beach Protection Act was obtained on the 2nd of February 1990. This approval relates to movement of sand in a construction sense above high water mark.

On the 19th of March 1990, a lease was executed between the Cairns Port Authority and the Club.

On the 31st of July 1990 a comprehensive development agreement was entered into between the club and Northern Marinas (QLD) Pty Ltd.

Civil works commenced in September 1990 and were completed in January 1993. Flotation was completed in March 1994 signifying the end or the beginning of the end.

The rock walls were built over a two year period and have a combined length of over a kilometer and are fifty meters wide at the base. 54,000 tonnes of rock were used in construction of the walls. The rock content alone cost $1 million. The dredge removed 250,000 cubic meters of sand or 25,000 truck loads.

Expenditure has exceeded $8 million with debt to Yamaha now cleared. The Marina was financed by the sale of berths which have sold in every mainland State of Australia. Berths have also been sold in New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, Middle East and England.

The construction was contracted out by the Club through its company, Half Moon Bay Marina Pty Ltd with the assistance of the Club’s Consulting Engineer. The Executive Committee was involved in all aspects of the construction and the day to day decision making process.

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