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YKSFC Heavy Tackle Rigging Night

YKSFC Heavy Tackle Bait Rigging Night & Marlin Workshop
Wednesday, 27th September at 6pm

Come down the Tenderhooks Bar & Grill at the Yorkeys Knob Boat Club for a
Bait Rigging Display & Workshop with guest speakers and demonstrations on the night.

Members & Guest are welcomed – Open to the public.
2017 Yorkeys Rigging Night

YKSFC Makaira Bullfight Heavy Tackle Tournament – 6th – 8th October 2017

Poster 20172

It is that time of year again, time to get the heavy tackle rods out,
rig some big baits and chase the pinnacle of fishing, the Black Marlin.

With Big Boat Shed on board as the naming right sponsor this year is
sure to be a huge event, combined with great catches of Black Marlin
all along the coast, how can you not be apart of this tournament.

Download a copy of the Tournament Brochure  & Entry Form here

Contact Reception for more details: marina@ykbc.com.au or (07) 4055 7711


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Fishing Calendar

Time of Year Best Month
Average Month
Species # Current World Record
Tackle H Heavy Tackle
M Medium Tackle
L Light Tackle
R Reef Fishing
F Lure and fly
E Estuary and bait fishing
Rv River fishing


Species Tackle Size To J F M A M J J A S O N D
Black Marlin # H/M 1600lb (725kg)
Blue Marlin H/M 1000lb (450kg)
Small Marlin # L/F 300lb (135kg)
Sailfish L/M/F 175lb (80kg)
Dolphin Fish # L/M/F 55lb (25kg)
Yellowfin Tuna L/M/H 110lb (50kg)
Dogtooth Tuna # M/L 200lb (90kg)
Spanish Mackerel L/M 90lb (40kg)
Wahoo L/M 110lb (50kg)
Spotted Mackerel # L 22lb (10kg)
Tiger Shark # H/M/L 1325lb (600kg)
Barracuda # L/M 100lb (45kg)
Giant Trevally # L/M/F 100lb (45kg)
Coral Trout R 45lb (20kg)
Red Emperor R 45lb (20kg)
Nannygai R 40lb (18kg)
Tricky Snapper R 8lb (3.5kg)
Barramundi # F/E/Rv 80lb (35kg)
Mangrove Jack F/E/Rv 8lb (3.5kg)
Queenfish F/E/Rv 33lb (15kg)
School Trevally F/E/Rv 12lb (5kg)
Golden Trevally F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Estuary Cod F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Salmon F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Fingermark E/Rv 30lb (14kg)
Flathead F/E/Rv 15lb (7kg)
Grunter / Javelin E/Rv 10lb (4.5kg)
Tarpon F/E/Rv 8lb (3.5kg)
Bream F/E/Rv 5lb (2kg)
Catfish F/E/Rv 20lb (9kg)
Whiting E/Rv 2lb (.9kg)
Jungle Perch F/Rv 4lb (1.8kg)
Sooty Grunter F/Rv 10lb (4.5kg)

Calendar courtesy of Fishing Cairns


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