Contactless Contact Register

It is a legal requirement that all persons entering the venue provide details for contact tracing purposes. These details are secured for 56 days and then deleted. Our venue provides multiple ways to securely provide this information, You can scan a QR code on arrival, Click the below button and be directed to to provide your details or simply fill out a paper form at reception.

Please only enter your details once you have arrived at the club, as you will be required to show reception staff on entry.

How we are keeping you safe

We are a COVID safe business working under a COVID safe plan. We provide hand sanitizer and wipes in all areas of the venue, our furniture has been arranged to assist in making social distancing as easy as possible. Our staff have all completed COVID training and we have increased our regular cleaning schedule to ensure your safety.

Current Restrictions

Under Stage 4 Restrictions –
CAPACITY LIMITS – Our venue can have 90 people inside and 310 people in the outside areas. We have limited our maximum group size to 25 people to allow for distancing in suitable areas.

CONTACT TRACING – Patrons are required to provide contact tracing details when entering the venue and it is recommended that patrons also sign out where possible.

SOCIAL DISTANCING- All persons are required to maintain social distancing of 1.5m from others not of there group. Please respect our staff and other patrons at all times.

HYGIENE – Regularly sanitize or wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs, we provide hand sanitizer in all areas of the venue, hand washing facilities are available in the bathrooms. Use anti -bacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces that you may touch, we provide these in all high touch areas (Eg. Gaming room, Pool Table). All high touch points are also sanitized regularly by staff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Due to social distancing and cleaning requirements our courtesy bus  is not currently in operation. We are happy to call a taxi on your behalf, just see reception when you are ready to leave.

Due to social distancing and cleaning requirements our playground is closed until further notice.

Our pool table is in open, under strict conditions. Please see bar staff for pool cues and sanitizer. 

Under stage 4 restrictions the “Remain seated requirement” has been lifted, and patrons can now stand again. We respectfully ask patrons to continue to minimize unnecessary  movements throughout the club where possible. This restriction is reviewed constantly by QLD health and any outbreaks in QLD may result in the seated requirement being returned without notice.